MikeyB's Movie Night: No Escape (2015)

No Escape (2015)
Director: John Erick Dowdle
Staring: Owen Wilson, Lake Bell, Pierce Brosnan

Review by: MikeyB

 Well just last week I posted my "Fall Movie Preview" and it happened to feature tonight's film as my first selection. Well as luck would have it a few days later I scored a ticket to an early free screening. So has the movie lived up to my own high hopes and earned it's spot on my list? lets dive right in and find out.

 Jack Dwyer (Wilson) and his wife Annie (Bell) are moving themselves and their two young girls to a new home in a unnamed Southeast Asia country. Unfortunately for them, on their first night in town the leader of the country is assassinated and the next morning the entire city is thrown into violent upheaval. With a little help from a mysterious "brit" who knows more about what is going on then he lets on at first, Brosnan turning in a wonderful performance, the Dwyers try to survive and escape from the city by any means possible.

 Back in 2001 I remember going to see a new action movie starring Owen Wilson. Wilson had really only been a comedic actor up to that point so I remember being a bit skeptical that he could carry an action movie. I was happily wrong and the film, Behind Enemy Lines, has remained one of my favorite modern actioneers. Wilson had a really believable and genuine "everyman" quality in the film, that really help you connect and care about his character. Im happy to say that after a long hiatus from the action scene Wilson has returned with aplomb. He has the same "everyman" quality that I loved in "Lines" and has great chemistry with his "family". Lake Bell also known more for her comedic roles gives a great serious turn and is entirely believable as a mother just trying to keep her family together and safe. Brosnan seems to be having a great time and honestly it shows because his character is one of my favorites Ive seen on the silver screen this year. No Escape is perfectly paced, you genuinely feel for the characters. I will give it the highest praise that I can give an Action/Thriller: Its exhausting. You are on the edge of your seat from the word go and have no chance to rest till the credits roll, and when they finally do you are just drained. Utterly fantastic movie making. 

 Fun Facts From IMDB for No Escape:

 Owen Wilson's first non-comedic role since 2001 "Behind Enemy Lines".

 Michelle Monaghan was originally cast in the lead role but after the movie was delayed, she dropped out due to pregnancy. Lake Bell replaced her. 

 During production a fire damaged the set in Lampang, northern Thailand. After filming an explosion scene inside a dilapidated building, the crew was in the process of packing and moving things downstairs when somebody saw the fire on the third floor of the building. No one was injured.