Blog Update and Fall Plans!

 Yes I know that I'm supposed to have an actual fully fledged blog post today but I'm on vacation damn it, so you'll have to just make due with this update on my Fall plans. As you should very well know by now, Fall means two things for me and this blog: my annual "October Horror Movie Marathon", and a trip up to the "Vancouver International Film Festival"! As far as the former goes it is quite simple. Every October I try to watch as many horror films as possible with my goal ultimately being at least thirty one, a average of one per day. You will get to follow along with me as I will have weekly updates for every film I watch.  

 In regards to the latter its even simpler. I have the unique opportunity in being located just a short drive away from Vancouver, Canada and get to journey north every year to experience the amazing films showcased at the "V.I.F.F.". Once Im done with my "Horror Movie Marathon" I will be writing up my experience at the festival to share with you all. 

 Well that wraps it up for this little update of MikeyB's Movie Night! Business as usual will resume next week and I'll be diving into the "Horror Marathon" the week after. Until then though, thanks for reading and I'll see you next week!


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