MikeyB's Movie Night: Halloween Horror Marathon Week 2

MikeyB's Movie Night: Halloween Horror Marathon Week 2

Writer: MikeyB
Editor: MikeyB

American Horror Story: Murder House

 This past week I found myself marathoning through the first season of American Horror Story. I have to say I rather enjoyed it. It feels like a thousand page page novel turned into a television series. Twisted, dark, humorous, and bloody. Highly recommended!

1 Fun Fact from IMDB for American Horror Story: Murder House:

 The first season used horror film scores for it's soundtrack, most noticeably the scores from "Bram Stoker's Dracula", "What Lies Beneath", "Psycho" and "Insidious". Also used the whistled "Twisted Nerve" from "Twisted Nerve".

Movie #7: The Frightners (1996) - Peter Jackson

 A rare miss-step from Peter Jackson. I believe my friend Bud described it best: "Over the top, corny, and entirely stupid. Sad, sad, sad."

1 Fun Fact from IMDB for The Frightners:

The film was not released to theaters in Tasmania. The Port Arthur Massacre rather spookily mirrored the film's content and it happened not long before the film's release. It was released on video and subsequently broadcast.

Movie #8: Sinister (2012) - Scott Derrickson

 This movie is not perfect but I found myself really enjoying it and really liked the twist and turns. Genuinely creepy with a great performance from Ethan Hawke in the lead and with a rare downer ending.

1 Fun Fact from IMDB for Sinister:

Writer C. Robert Cargill got the idea for the script from a nightmare he had after watching The Ring.