MikeyB's Movie Night Halloween Horror Picks: Netflix Instant Fright Flicks

 MikeyB's Movie Night Halloween Horror Picks: Netflix Instant Fright Flicks
Writer: MikeyB
Editor: Dub
 Alright everyone, it's round two of MikeyB's Halloween Horror Picks and this week we are going to take a look at three films from everyone's favorite (legal) movie streaming site, Netflix! So grab your popcorn and let’s dive right in.

The Innkeepers - Directed by: Ti West

 Set during the last weekend of business at "The Yankee Pedlar Inn", the story follows Claire and Luke, the night clerks at the Inn. They have decided that during their last weekend together at the front desk they are going to try and capture evidence of the spirits that reportedly haunt the hotel. The ghostly encounters are extremely creepy and the film features fine performances, solid writing, and genuinely likable lead characters. I thought this was one of the best horror films I saw last year, so pretend my opinion matters and give it a look.
A Fun Fact from IMDB for The Innkeepers:
The movie is filmed at the actual Yankee Pedlar Inn, in Torrington, Connecticut.
Lo - Directed by: Travis Betz

 Lo follows Justin, whose girlfriend April has been kidnapped by the forces of evil and taken to hell. He enlists the demon Lo to probe the endless depths of the abyss to find her. Yes you just read those last sentences correctly. The film takes place and is filmed in one room, which seems strange at first but as the movie goes along it just feels like it fits. Like you are watching a play unfold onstage in your living room. Check this one out for its sheer originality and because it will help my ego.
(No trivia for this one, so check out the trailer here.)

Red State - Directed by: Kevin Smith

 Writer / Director Kevin Smith may be best known for comedies such as Clerks, Chasing Amy, and Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, but last year he released his first ever horror film and in my opinion made the finest film of his career. Set in the small town of Cooper's Dell, the story follows three high school buddies who decide to hit up a Craigslist personal ad for a some hot "four-way" action. Unbeknownst to them the lady who has posted the ad belongs to a "Westboro Baptist" like "church", who use the ad to trap and murder "sinners". Things get complicated when the FBI gets called in and lays siege to the group's compound. Featuring electric performances by all involved, brilliant writing, and a knockout final act, not only was this my favorite genre film from last year; it was hands down my favorite movie I saw in 2011.
A Fun Fact from IMDB for Red State:
 After a screening of the film in Kansas City, Kevin Smith interviewed two life long Westboro Baptist Church members (Shirley Phelps' niece and son) who had defected a few years prior. They both enjoyed the film and even complimented Smith on how realistic certain aspects of religious fanaticism are depicted.